A Patrolling Safford Officer pulled over a gold four door station wagon for failing to signal at the intersection of Highway 70 and 6th Avenue, last Thursday at around 4:30pm.
The station wagon pulled over in the 300 block of 6th Avenue. As the vehicle came to a complete stop, the passenger jumped out of the vehicle and started running, eastbound through a residential yard.
As the Officer ran by the station wagon, he told the driver to stay where he was.
The passenger ran to 5th Avenue and continued Southbound.
The passenger then ran to 4th Street and ran westbound. He then turned Northbound through a few yard until the Officer lost sight of the running man.
Several other Safford Officers and Probation Officers joined the pursing Officer in search of the man.
They followed footprints to a home on the 200 block of 6th Avenue, where they thought the man might be, but the man was not there.
The Officers had a description of the man and said it was either the man Probation had been looking for or his brother.
The Officer went back to where the driver and the vehicle were and he was still there. The driver stated that he only knew the man as "Smokey."
Safford Police are continuing to search for the man who ran from the scene.