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Idol entries are now CLOSED!

But we have many prelims left to go, so be sure and catch all the action either in person or right here online! In the meantime, get your INCREDIBLY CHEAP tickets to the finals show.

There is so much talent this year, we can pretty much guarantee it's gonna be awesome!

The Preliminaries
Thu, Jan 25, 6:30pm

610 W 5th St, Safford

2017 Idol Winner Darryn Kamae
2016 Idol Winner Brianna (DeRusha) Morris
2008 Idol Winner Adam Crohn

2017 Idol Winner Darryn Kamae
2014 Idol Winner Olivia Crockett

Contestants (in order)
Here is a list of the contestants that were picked to perform at Pollocks.

Listed in order of performance...Subject to change.

1. Amelia Bauman
2. Rachel Clark-Callback
3. Leisel Innes
4. Connor Hanson-FINALIST
5. Veronica Rodriguez
6. Kenn Gregg
7. Izzy Alder-FINALIST
8. Michelle Brehm-Callback
9. Morgan Miller-FINALIST
10. Jared Iams
11. Abby Rapier-Alternate
12. Sarah Quintero
13. Bethany Artman-Callback
14. Taylor Russell
Thu, Feb 1, 6:30pm

Double R Grill-Mount Graham Golf Course
End of Golf Course Road, Thatcher

2008 Idol Winner Adam Crohn
2014 Idol Winner Olivia Crockett
2017 Idol Winner Darryn Kamae

2016 Idol Winner Breanna Morris

Contestants (in order)
*Lineup is subject to change*

1. Shelby Boden-Alternate
2. Jerica Young-FINALIST
3. Danyella Garcia
4. Tyler Jones
5. Shayla Smith-FINALIST
6. Maria Clark-Callback
7. Laura Meehl-Callback
8. Holly ShumwayFINALIST
9. Bobbi Callison
10.Hayden Finch-Alternate
11.Bradlee Sanders
12.Kat Smith
13.James Clark
14.Kellen Conway
15.Jordyn Lawson-Callback
Fri, Feb 9, 6:30pm

Safford Bowl Sponsored by 410 E 4th St, Safford

2014 Winner-Olivia Jeffs
Finalist Judge-Cindy Anaya
2016 Winner-Breanna Morris

2008 Winner-Adam Crohn
2017 Winner Darryn Kamae

Contestants (in order)
Lineup Subject to Change

1. Shylyne Oaks
2. Taylor Jones
3. Alexis Lane
4. Jessica Guiterrez
5. Eliana Moreno
6. Danyella Garcia
7. Bobbi Callison
8. Aubriana Hansen
9. Heidi Bolen-Callback
10. Hannah Bradley-FINALIST
11. Harley Overton-FINALIST
12. Kienna Van Shaar-Callback
13. Madeline Kamae-FINALIST
14. Angelica Ayon
Thu, Feb 15, 6:30pm

The Morenci Club
In the Morenci Plaza

2009 Idol Winner Theresa Campbell
2008 Idol Winner Adam Crohn
2017 Idol Winner Darryn Kamae

2009 Winner Theresa Cambpell

Contestants (in order)
*Lineup is subject to change*

1. Sarah McGarish
2. Jamie Tellez-FINALIST
3. Natalie Jensen
4. Brianne McGrath
5. Bre Hancock-FINALIST
6. Abigail McGarish
7. Jared Collins
8. Gene Willey-FINALIST
9. Kent Detrick
10. Joanna McGarish
11. Roy Vidales
12. Benjamin Huggins
13. Rian Kumlien
14. Kale Fuller
Thu, Feb 22, 6:30pm

One Az Credit Union
280 W Main St, Safford

2008 Idol Winner Adam Crohn
2014 Idol Winner Olivia Jeffs
2010 Idol Winner Sharon Montoya

2010 Idol Winner Sharon Montoya
2016 Idol Winner Breanna Morris

Contestants (in order)
*Lineup is subject to change*

1. Kristina Smith
2. Sarah Burnett
3. Alyssa Pompeo
4. Hayley Bendal
5. Hamilton Bolen
6. Grant Wearne
7. Ashley Moreno
8. Cami Lines
9. Zane Griffith
10. Elizabeth Miller
11. Elijah Garcia
12. Jonelle Chavez
13. Grant Montierth
14. Miranda Hernandez
15. Ashley Clement
16. Melanie Bolen
17. Timesha Smith

Thu, Mar 1, 6:30pm

The Bull Pen - You must be 21 or older to attend!
912 W Hwy 70 Safford



Contestants (in order)
*Lineup is subject to change*
Thu, Mar 8, 6:30pm

The Plank
501 S Gila Ave, Safford (The old Elk\\\'s Club bldg)



Contestants (in order)

The Finals
Thu, Mar 22, 7pm

Safford Center for the Arts
985 S. 14th Ave., Safford (Next to Safford High) map



Contestants (in order)


In order to compete, you must sign a form that gives us permission to use photos and audio/video recordings of you in any way we want. This includes playing them on the radio, showing them on Valley Telecom local TV and posting online (to our web site, YouTube, etc.). And remember, the internet is forever.

What happens at the preliminaries?
Contestants at the preliminaries will sing one song of their choosing in front of the judges, other contestants and THOUSANDS OF ADORING FANS!!! (ok, maybe just hundreds).

  • Your song will be sung a cappella (without any instruments, backup music, etc.) Just you and a microphone!
  • Your song should be memorized. If you're busy worrying about the words, you can't concentrate on the performance.
  • Try to limit yourself to 60 - 90 seconds. One verse and a chorus should be more than enough for the judges to tell what your talents are.
  • Song choice: We strongly suggest that you choose a song with which the judges are most likely familiar.
  • Look the part: Dressing up is not required, but is appreciated. It is an excellent way to show the judges that this event was worth the effort to you! Look your best; sound your best.
  • The judges will critique your performance right after you finish. When all the contestants have sung, the judges will make a decision about who and how many will go on to the finals. Guaranteed winners every night!
  • The judges may pick any number of alternates at each preliminary. After all the preliminaries are over, you will vote for your favorite alternate right here on MySouthernAZ.com, and the winner will also compete in the finals.
What happens at the finals?
Contestants who qualify in the preliminaries will compete in the finals, which will be held at the Safford Center for the Arts in March.
  • Finals contestants will sing with a backup track of their choosing.
  • There will be one practice event a few days prior to the finals so contestants can familiarize themselves with the stage and the sound system.
  • Cash and other prizes will be awarded to the first, second and third place winners.
  • The winners may also be invited to perform at other events sponsored by McMurray Communications throughout the following year.
  • In the event that a qualifying contestant is not able to compete in the finals, an alternate from the preliminaries may be selected to fill the spot.
  • The decision of the judges is final!

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