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This year's major sponsors!

Trophies 'N Tees
Comes up with a new T-shirt design every year.
The new design for 2017 is coming soon!
If you're lucky, maybe somebody will shoot you in the face with a T-shirt cannon.
Survivors have reported it doesn't hurt that much.
Click it for a larger image.

Our winner for 2017: Darryn Kamae!

He receives $1000 cash, plus a a bunch of other great prizes!

2nd place: Jillian Innes

3rd place: Ashley Clement

4th place: Yasmin Boone

5th place: Laurie Bolen

We continue to be blown away by all the amazing talent we have here! There were many, many worthy contestants who did not make the top 5.

YOU SHOULD ALL BE PROUD OF YOUR OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCES! They are all available online (in HD for the first time) on a YouTube playlist by Van Shaar Productions, so you can share your awesomeness with your friends and family. You're welcome.

Watch and listen to it here:

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